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safe_imageI was both interested and perplexed to see that a story about the colours of a dress was the most discussed topic on the news and social media yesterday. I would have thought there were more important things to talk about but I take my hat off to the marketing people who made that one go viral. According to the UK news, this story “broke the internet”.  If only the same thing had been done with this zebra, a great story from the south of England. You can read the story of the zebra here

he zebra has a special meaning today 28 Feb as it’s rare disease day.  The Zebra has in fact been adopted by the Neuroendocrine Cancer community as their mascot and icon and you can read about this connection here. This relatively rare cancer is increasing both in incidence and prevalence and could do with some really good exposure to attract the resources it so desperately needs.  I wish some marketing gurus would make the NET Cancer story go viral!

In the meantime, do you think this zebra is mainly white and gold or black and blue?


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