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Most people with an incurable Cancer will go through both good and bad periods.  I quite liked a quote by a fellow patient who described that as the ‘ebb and flow’ of living with cancer and said the flow would always return at some point.  I also liked a quote from a fellow blogger whose blog catchphrase is “Having a bad day shouldn’t mean having a bad life”.

When I wrote my blog “Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer – it takes guts“, that wasn’t me being one of those trendy bloggers saying the sort of things people want to hear. Nor was it an attempt to invoke some sort of ‘pity party’. Neither of those things are my style. Despite the metaphoric angle to the post title, it really does take guts to live with a life threatening condition.

Despite my positive sounding blogs and my generally focused and determined nature, I’ve had bad periods where I felt I wasn’t coping to well living with cancer. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’d planned to do something and then put if off for various reasons.  It’s really easy to become almost permanently inactive and lethargic and that is not a good outcome.

‘It’s the cancer’ – this can sometimes seem like the perfect reason to say ‘I can’t.  It’s difficult but I find it helps if you have someone providing motivation, a partner, a friend or just by reading an inspiring post. I’m perked up when I read stories about patients trying to change or improve their outcome, even simple day-to-day things. NEUROENDOCRINE I CAN_edited

Sometimes there is a fine line between ‘poker face’ and ‘cancer card’.

And sometimes it’s not even about the cancer!

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  1. Gaynor Miles says:

    I so agree with roragainstcancer I have found it difficult. You carry on thinking giving us your thoughts. It is so helpful and yes less isolated x

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  2. Ronny, I could have written this myself! I have been feeling exactly this way, but hadn’t been able to put it to words…thank you for that. I LOVE the “I Can”…brilliant!

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  3. Laurie Klein says:

    You are a inspiration. I could relate to everything you wrote.

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  4. Ronny, as always your blogs are spot on — informative, inspiring, and reflective. Brilliant title and illustration!

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