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One of the aims of my blog is to create more awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer (NET Cancer), its peculiarities, its effects, its ability to deceive, its ability to kill if left undetected and/or untreated; and its impact on Quality of Life (QoL). There are millions of people out there doing similar with thousands of other conditions. That means even to stand out a little, messages must be compelling, must attract attention; and must catch people’s interest.

In the last 24 months, I’ve generated a few ‘different’ awareness campaigns, some of which have been more successful than others and I learn from this.  One of them is actually now the most tweeted post about NET Cancer on twitter.  Fortunately, I have had significant help from YOU because if you did not share my posts and blogs, they would not have the potential reach they currently do and would not, therefore, attract the new audiences I’m looking for (….and finding!). The same applies to Facebook, twitter and other parts of the social media universe.  I thank you all for the help to date.  However, the job is far from finished!

My main campaigns are listed here so please help yourself to the ones you like and feel free to support or sponsor.  Please note there are social media sharing buttons at the bottom of each post – or just simple cut and paste as required.


Neuroendocrine Cancer would love you to ignore this postIGNORE THIS POST.   This is a reverse psychology message which is designed to attract attention – and it does!.  It is currently the most tweeted post in the history of NET Cancer awareness.   If you are on twitter, please retweet the original post (quoting it in a new post is also great but please also retweet the original).  The tweet can be found by clicking here.  It’s also a great awareness post for any type of social media so please share as it gives a really simple and yet compelling awareness message about the danger of NET Cancer and ignoring symptoms, including after diagnosis.  Click here then share.

Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer – it takes guts!   This is a really powerful message which lets people know what effects the consequences of Neuroendocrine Cancer and its treatment have on people’s lives. I also emphasise that it’s not all about diagnostic difficulties (as important as that might be), more focus needs to be placed on living with NET Cancer given that it is a highly prevalent cancer. The diagnostic angle was relevant 5 years ago but the focus needs to become much wider.  This post has attracted much interest from new audiences in the wider healthcare world.  Read and share it by clicking here


Neuroendocrine Cancer – ssh! Can you hear it?  This is the NET Cancer is ‘silent’ theme and attracts a lot of support.  This really drives home the devious nature of NET Cancer, the fact that it can be a very silent cancer until it’s too late and the difficulties that it presents with accurate diagnoses and subsequent ongoing monitoring.  The post can be found by clicking here


The Anatomy of Neuroendocrine Cancercomposite_14634861289978.  This is a campaign to point out that NET Cancer is not confined to a particular part of the body and raises the issue of misdiagnosis, incorrect naming and recording of cancer types; and the loss of awareness opportunities, particularly when famous people are involved.  I never get fed up of sharing this one and it cannot be shared too many times!  Please feel free to share the hell out of this one.  The post can be found by clicking here


Photo 12-10-2015, 08 31 35Every day is NET Cancer Day.  This post has had the largest number of 5 star ratings input by readers indicating support for my awareness strategy.   Don’t get me wrong, 10 Nov is special but the other 364 days also present awareness opportunities. You can read this blog by clicking hereYou can also register for my NET Cancer Day Social Media Event leading up to 10 Nov by clicking here and select ‘Going’ (then invite others please). On this event, Every Day is NET Cancer Day!

IMG_20160427_192004.jpg-1060x1060Finally, please share my blog It’s scary searching Cancer online which is attracting a lot of new interest in Neuroendocrine Tumours in general given the involvement of one of the biggest Cancer Support organisations in the world. Click here to read about why I’m appearing on billboards and bus stop adverts in the UK courtesy of Macmillan Cancer Support.  Copies of the advertising poster can be found here.



The 6 posts above comprise around 10% of my total blog hits and these are the ones which are attracting new audiences who now know about NET Cancer and are telling others.  Please help me build on this.

Neuroendocrine Cancer can be silent but we shouldn’t be!


Thanks for listening


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