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Please vote for Neuroendocrine Cancer

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Ronny Allan Nominations – 2017 WEGO Health Awards


You may remember that in 2016, I was nominated for 6 awards, got to the final for 2 (Blog and Community) and then won the Best in Show Community award.  This is not only another great opportunity for me as a blogger and health activist but also a further  opportunity for Neuroendocrine Cancer awareness.  I do hope you will not only endorse me but also share with family and friends and recommend that they too endorse me.  Only votes will get me to the final, after that it’s up to the judges and how much I can impress them in the lead up to the ‘red carpet’.

I’m pleased to inform you that I’m a nominee in 3 categories in the 2017 Annual WEGO Health Activist Awards.

1. Blog.  This is the one I’d like to win most but the competition is pretty tough!  I managed the final last year (shortlist of 5).

2. Patient Hero.  That’s a very humbling award, ‘hero’ is a strong word in my vocab.  I’m honoured to have been nominated.

3. Lifetime Achievement.  Ditto as above but please note I’m only getting started!

Endorsing me is pretty easy although there may be some slight differences if using a desktop computer, a table or mobile phone:


You will be able to see the drop down for all 3 nominations (i.e. See picture below). It defaults to ‘Best in Show: blog’ and this is the one I would like most people to vote for.  Complete the rest of the text (don’t worry about being contacted by WEGO, they don’t send out too much and you can always unsubscribe).  There is an intermediate step where you can opt to share your endorsement on your own social media. I’ll leave it to you do opt to do this or not.  You don’t need to create a WEGO account. If you opt not so share, press the back key or just close this window and then change the drop down for another award and it will already have retained your name and email.  If you get lost, press the picture above and then select the right drop down. Press ‘Submit‘ for each award.  After the first endorsements, the system should retain your details if you wish to endorse me for other awards.  If you’re nominating me for more than one, it’s therefore nice and quick.

If anyone has technical difficulties with completing the endorsement, please let me know and I’ll try to help.

I do hope you will support me in this venture.  Remember, an endorsement for me is an endorsement for Neuroendocrine Cancer awareness.

Ronny Allan - AKA NET Cancer Blog

Ronny Allan – AKA NET Cancer Blog


thanks – remember I cannot hope to win any of these awards without your votes so please share widely, please share for Neuroendocrine Cancer awareness.



Nominations are still open, so it’s not too late to add further nominations to the list – you can do this by clicking here.

I’m also active on Facebook.  Like my page for even more news.


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Remember ….. in the war on Neuroendocrine Cancer, let’s not forget to win the battle for better quality of life!






  1. Rita says:

    Endorsed all 4


  2. edebock says:

    More than happy to endorse you, Ronny! I also shared the opportunity to do so on Facebook.

    Liked by 1 person

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