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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I don’t believe Neuroendocrine Cancer is rare and you can read why in some detail in my blog Neuroendocrine Cancer – not as rare as you think.  People are quoting SEER figures dated 2004 for today’s incidence rates.  Better diagnostic technology, greater awareness and better recording.Do the math’ please!

Meanwhile…… the latest figures from Public Health England (covering ~90% of UK), indicate there are now 4000 diagnoses of NETs every year, i.e. more people than ever are being diagnosed, an incidence rate of 8/100,000. This would appear to debunk the myth that the condition is rare given that the incidence rate has now gone beyond the threshold to be considered rare – 5/100,000.  You can read the Public Health England (PHE) paper by visiting the NET Patient Foundation site here.

To put this diagnostic data into perspective, I’m quoting some calculations from Nikie, the NPF’s NET Nurse:

4000 newly diagnosed NETs a year in England alone

= 333 a month

= 77 a week

= 11 a day

= 1 every 2.18 hrs

So please let’s stop perpetuating the myth.

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  1. grantsviews says:

    VERY Good INFO Ronnie, thanks for providing 🙂

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  2. Grant C. says:

    Most Excellent Information…. thanks for sharing !!!

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  3. Jean Borden says:

    Celebrating Neuroendocrine cancer Day in the US!!

    Happy Day, Happy Life, Ronnie! Thanks for all you do to publicize NEUROENDOCRINE CANCER!


    Liked by 1 person

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